Zoser is the unpredictable and dangerous, though not malicious, god of the desert winds. He appears most often as a towering whirlwind with a vague humanoid shape in the center, barely seen through the whirling sands. On occasion, he will appear as a traveler in sand-colored robes that flutter around him, even when the air is calm.


Title: The Whirlwind
Symbol: A stylized tornado
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Desert whirlwinds, dance, freedom, chaos
Domains: Air, Chaos, Destruction, Sand, Summer
Favored Weapon: Spiked chain


Feel the freedom of the winds, their power as they move your hair and clothes. Be the winds. A whirlwind cares not for anything but its own dance. Be the whirlwind. Only in true freedom can you find joy.

It is a sin to block the winds.

Church and Clergy

Temples to Zoser are tall spires, usually formed naturally, with an open-air alter at the top.

Clerics of Zoser wear loose, flowing sand-colored clothing. Zoser does not restrict when his clerics may pray for spells, but he does insist that such prayers be made someplace where the air is moving, and the cleric must move and dance with the air.


Zoser’s faithful meet irregularly at his lofty alters, drawn there by the movement of the winds. During these meetings, priests scatter incense and colored sands into the winds, while worshipers chant songs of praise and dance frenziedly. Overly enthusiastic followers may fall from the spire, which is interpreted as Zoser calling the person’s soul to dance with him.

Prayers to Zoser are shouted into the wind.


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