Yondalla is the patron goddess of halflings. She appears as a tough halfling woman with red hair, wearing yellow and green clothing, and often carrying a shield.


Title: The Protector and Provider
Symbol: A cornucopia on a green shield
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Halflings, family, protection, fertility, tradition, prosperity
Domains: Good, Law, Protection
Favored Weapon: Short sword


Halflings should work together to build a life of peace and comfort for their race. It may be necessary at times to fight to defend the halfling race, but for the most part halflings should shun violence and instead focus on building a community. Leaders must lead through example, celebrate their followers’ successes, and help shoulder their burdens. Family is to be treasured, and the aged and weak protected. Opportunities exist to be seized, and little good comes to those too fearful to take a chance at a better life. Sins should be forgiven and the sinner guided back to the faith, rather than punishing those who have erred.

It is a sin to harm the halfling race. It is a sin to harm your community. It is a sin to harm your family. It is a sin to harm yourself.

Church and Clergy

Yondalla has surprisingly few churches, but virtually all halfling homes have a small shrine to her featuring a carved wooden cornucopia and shield.

Clerics of Yondalla wear green and yellow cloaks. They pray for spells an hour before dawn, so as to begin their day promptly at dawn.


Yondalla does not demand formal services; instead she encourages her followers to show their loyalty by living their daily lives in harmony with her teachings.

Prayers to Yondalla are made while rubbing her holy symbol with the palm of the hand.


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