Vecna is the mysterious and little-known god of secrets and dark knowledge. He appears as a lich missing his left hand and eye.


Title: The Maimed Lord, or the Whispered One
Symbol: An eye in the palm of a left hand
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Secrets, magic, hidden knowledge, intrigue
Domains: Evil, Knowledge, Magic
Favored Weapon: Dagger


Secrets have power. They can raise one above the gods, or destroy one in an instant. Within each of us is a secret, a seed of evil which can bring down even the loftiest of us. No matter how virtuous, how pure one claims to be, this secret exists and can be exploited by those who know how to use it.

It is a sin to freely give up your deepest secrets. It is a sin not to seek out secrets and knowledge.

Church and Clergy

Vecna disdains temples and other visible trappings of worship. His followers gather in secret chambers to hold their dark ceremonies.

New priests of Vecna are often unaware of who their god truly is. They are mislead to believe that they are joining a little-known cult to a god of knowledge or magic, and the truth is only revealed when they have proven they are willing to do anything to gain further knowledge. Outside of ceremonial meetings, Vecna’s clerics never wear clothing that would mark them as a priest of Vecna, and during ceremonies, they wear masks to keep their identity secret. They pray for spells at midnight.


Vecna’s cultists gather irregularly in secret chambers to chant Vecna’s praise and devise secret plans. Every cult has a leader, often referred to as the Heart of Vecna, who calls meetings and generally guides the cult’s machinations. The Heart is appointed through popular support, usually backed by threats of blackmail against other cultists.

Prayers to Vecna are whispered into the dark.


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