The Adventurers' Guild

The Adventurers’ Guild is a world-spanning organization designed to connect those in need of help to those who can help them. Despite having little central government and few goals, the Guild is remarkably consistent across vast distances, due to its consistent rules and role.


Over a century ago, a group of adventurers known as the Blackfeathers decided to settle down. Their retirement was not the carefree life they were hoping for, however, as they quickly found themselves surrounded by young adventurers seeking training and citizens seeking help. In order to continue to help those around them, as well as to get some peace, the Blackfeathers founded an Adventurers’ Guild, where citizens could request help and novice adventurers could seek council from the more experienced.

The Guild was a great success and members of the Guild spread across the world, many forming their own Guild Halls when they retired. Now, a Guild Hall can be found in almost any settlement of more than a few hundred people, and Adventurers can be found almost anywhere something needs doing.

The Guild


Adventurers in the Guild are ranked based on the missions they’ve completed and the dues they’re willing to pay. The most common ranks are Apprentice Adventurers, Journeyman Adventurers, and Master Adventurers. Additionally, the Adventurers’ Guild recognizes retired Adventurers and Grandmasters.

Each Guild hall is run by a one or more Master Adventurers (typically retired). They are approved by the Grandmasters to either take over an existing Guild hall or found a new Guild hall.

The Grandmasters are rarely, if ever, seen by most adventurers in the Guild. Their role is to oversee the entire Guild, ensuring that it remains relatively consistent from place to place.

Guild Halls

A Guild hall can be found in most moderately-sized settlements, ranging in size from little more than a back room in a tavern to an entire building. Most Guild halls are warm, inviting spaces, frequented by adventures between jobs who are looking for someone to talk to, retired adventurers who still like to keep in touch with old friends and new blood, and, of course, those looking to find a job.


The Adventurers’ Guild tends to stay out of politics and provides useful services, and is therefore welcome in almost all lands. Individual members of the Guild are not necessarily guaranteed a welcome in all lands, however—adventurers are advised to check with the leader of their Guild hall if they are planning a quest that might take them into foreign lands.

The Adventurers’ Guild recognizes all other legitimate guilds, and its members are advised to comply with all local guild laws or face expulsion from the Guild.

Most people are at least aware of the Guild’s existence, and many have hired adventurers at some point in their life. In general, people tend to view the Guild in a neutral to favorable light, although some may think its members crazy or too lazy to find proper work.


The Adventurers’ Guild is open to anyone who is interested and can pay their dues on time. The Guild does not care who its members are or how they complete their mission, as long as they do their job and do not give the Guild a bad name.

Joining the Guild

Anyone interested in joining the Adventurers’ Guild must apply in person to the leader of their local Guild hall. The leader will explain the procedure for joining and admissions quest required, at which point they can decide if they want to attempt to join or not. All Guild admissions are done on an individual basis, although Guild members usually form adventuring groups and groups are allowed during the admission process.


Guild members are given brooches to identify themselves upon being admitted to the Guild and following advancement. The brooch shows the sign of the Guild, a crossed bow and sword, and the material indicates rank. Apprentices have copper brooches, Journeymen bronze, Masters silver, and Grandmasters mithral. The brooches have a minor enchantment that turns them black if the adventurer’s monthly dues are not paid.

Members of the Guild are not required to wear their brooches at all times, but they must present the brooch if asked when entering a Guild hall or accepting a quest.


The main purpose of the Adventurers’ Guild is to allow its members to find quests, and therefore payment, more easily. Additionally, the number of experienced adventurers gathered in one place provides access to knowledge, gear, and spellcasters that might otherwise be unavailable.


While members of the Guild are expected to equip themselves, those who are looking to buy or sell something unusual can usually find a fellow adventurer who can help them. Additionally, senior or retired members may be willing to rent gear to other Guild members on a case-by-case basis.


The Adventurer’s Guild does not itself offer spellcasting, crafting, or other services. However, many members are willing to hire themselves out to other members, often at a reduced price. Additionally, Master Adventurers may accept Apprentice Adventurers as assistants during their quests.


The only requirement to remain a member of the Guild in good standing is to pay your monthly dues.

Apprentice Adventurers pay 5 gold per month, Journeyman Adventurers pay 50 gold, and Master Adventurers pay 500 gold. Retired adventurers are not required to pay anything to continue to access the Guild hall, but are barred from taking any quests.


To advanced a rank in the Adventurers’ Guild, an adventurer needs to have successfully completed (or participated in) at least 10 quests. Additionally, they must have a total 80% success rate. Once they have achieved this, the adventurer may apply at their local Guild hall for advancement. If the adventurer’s application for advancement is accepted, they immediately owe the Guild dues for their new rank.

Advancement is optional and always at the choice of the adventurer. Rarely, an adventurer may apply for a reduction in rank, which is usually granted. Additionally, an Adventurer of at least Journeyman rank may retire at any point. The retired Adventurer may still access the Guild hall and any benefits therein without paying dues, but may not take on any new quests.

The Guild can also strip an Adventurer’s rank or even kick Adventurers out, but these methods are usually used only in the face of repeated failure or behavior that reflects extremely poorly on the Guild.

Quests and the Job Board

At the heart of the Adventurers’ Guild is the job board, where local citizens post bounties and adventurers find work.

The job board is a physical board located just outside the Guild hall upon which fliers describing the jobs and the rewards involved may be posted by anyone. Adventurers are advised to use caution when accepting jobs as they have not been vetted by the Guild. (The Guild will, however, assist Adventurers who have been scammed by dishonest postings.)

A second board, located inside the Guild hall, contains postings describing jobs that only Master Adventurers may accept. These are posted by those in charge of the Guild hall.

Hiring Adventurers

Anyone can post to the main board, or request a posting on the board restricted to Master Adventurers. Flyers typically say what the job is, who needs it done, what the deadline (if any) is, any known special circumstances (particularly dangerous enemies, for example), and what the reward will be.

Those who advertise for adventurers and fail to disclose known dangers of the job or fail to pay the reward are forbidden from advertising later and may face legal sanctions (or semi-legal, courtesy of the Thieves’ Guild).

Taking a Job

Adventurers are always welcome to peruse the posted jobs. Depending on the job, it may be taken down from the board when an adventurer has contacted the poster and is working on it, or it may be left up and the reward given on a first-come-first-served basis.

There is no rule barring adventurers from working on more than one quest at a time, but adventurers who spread themselves too thin and cannot complete their obligations may get in trouble with the Guild.

Adventurers may complete quests in any manner they choose, although the poster of the quest may disallow overly clever “solutions” if they fail to actually solve the problem or make it worse.

Further Information

Further information on the Guild may be available through Knowledge checks.

The Adventurers' Guild

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