Solanil is the benevolent goddess of oases. She appears only in oases, as a beautiful middle-aged woman with a warm smile and a jug of cool water or a basket of fresh fruit.


Title: Lady of the Oasis
Symbol: A pool of water at the base of a date tree
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Oases, refuge, travel through the desert
Domains: Animal, Good, Plant, Protection, Summer, Travel, Water
Favored Weapon: Kukri


Oases are a gift to travelers and those who live in the desert. Their bounty must be shared by all who need it, and they must not be harmed.

It is a sin to despoil an oasis. It is a sin to attack those resting in an oasis (although it is permissible to defend yourself or to drive out those who would despoil the oasis).

Church and Clergy

Any oasis is holy to Solanil, and her followers frequently erect small cairns in oases to serve as shrines for travelers.

Clerics of Solanil are only allowed to expose their skin and hair in an oasis; in other places they must keep all but their eyes covered in long, flowing robes and veils. They pray for spells at dawn.


Followers of Solanil hold a small cleansing ceremony whenever they enter or leave an oasis. Her priests also bless travelers passing through who request Solanil’s aid. Many of her priests travel the desert, regularly checking on the oases to ensure that they are not being misused, cleaning contaminated pools or planting new vegetation, and assisting travelers.

Prayers to Solanil tend to be simple requests for a nearby oasis or thanks for an oasis that has been found.


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