Humans, despite having no particular adaptation to the desert, are the most populous race and in many ways the most successful race of the region. While the bhuka and desert elves scrape by in the desert itself, humans have settled the banks of the Uru river, creating a growing chain of walled cities known collectively as the Kahat empire.

Humans also make up most of the raiders and brigands of the region. Small groups may live out in the desert, raiding caravans and unprotected cities.

The majority of humans in the region are the short, dark-skinned, curly-haired Kahat, although traders of a wide range of appearances from beyond Taklmal are also seen.


The Kahat do not use last names. If clarification is needed, they will reference people by their profession, their home town (if from out of town), their parents, and so forth.

For names, think ancient Mesopotamian. (Examples to come)


As standard.


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